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The district Chandrapur was earlier known as "Chanda" according to tradition and legend the name of the place was "Lokapura" which was first changed to "Indpur" and subsequently to Chandrapur. During the British colonial period it was called Chanda district, which was again changed to its original name "Chandrapur" around 1964. Other places of the region in ancient times include wairangad, Kosala, Bhadravati and Markanda. Hindu and Buddhist kings are said to have ruled the area for a long time, Later on Gonds overtook Dana Chiefs who ruled Chandrapur around 9 th century and Gond Kings ruled the area till 1751 after which Maratha period started. Raghuji Bhosale, the last King of the dynasty, died heirless in 1853 and Nagpur province together with Chandrapur was declared annexed to British Empire.

Chandrapur Info

District At a Glance
Headquarter Chandrapur
Area 11,443 sq. Km
Population 2194262
Population Density 155 Per Sq. Km
Literacy 59.41%
No of Talukas 15
No of Sub Divisions 7
No of Municipalities 6+1=7
No of Villages 1836
Loksabha Constituencies 2
Assembly Constituencies 6
Number Of Gram Panchayats 847

Total Geographical Area 11,443 sq. Km
Inhabited Area 880 Sq. Kms.
Agriculture Department 4870 Sq. Kms.
Industrial Area 32.34 Sq. Kms.
Forest Area 3810 Sq. Kms
Wastelands 550 Sq. Kms.
Tribal Area  
Non Tribal Area  

North Latitude 18-4 to 20-5 (19.57’ )
East Longitude 78-5 to 80-6 ( 79.18’ )
Altitude 189

Year Temperature Rainfall
2011 MAX : 49°C. MIN : 11.6°C. Average Rainfall 1142.07 mm.